Friday, March 18, 2011

   5.  There are times when we must use violence and courageously resist our sensual appetite, having no regard for the likes and dislikes of the flesh; but rather, making sure that the body, despite its protests, becomes subject to the spirit.
   It must be chastised and compelled to serve, until it is ready to obey in all things what the soul commands, and until it learns to be content with little, to delight in simple things and not to complain at any inconvenience. 

   (from) The Imitation of Christ Book 3:  Interior Conversation by Thomas A Kempis

Sunday, March 13, 2011


  My brothers, there are days when you volunteer to fast, and there are days when you are obligated to fast. The volunteering fast days, without a doubt, can benefit your spiritual life greatly.  It has the ability to cast out your darkness that you would be unable to without the fast, but mandatory fasting that the Church appoints is to benefit the whole Church and to help fight off the demons who seek to bring smoke into the Holy Church.  Why is the Holy Church struggling today?  It is a question that all the clergy must examine. If they look upon the Doctors of the Church, the solution is there, yet they struggle from modifications.  They do not seek the Traditions that held up the Church for centuries.  Today there is no sacrifice in the Church.  They make following our Lord as easy as possible, but to follow our Lord means utter suffering and sacrifice.  Who today in the Church is willing to sacrifice for her?  They remove the Holy Days of Obligation, the days of fasting, and because of this the Church is weak and frail, and the smoke has entered.  If no one is willing to fight for Traditions, to make sacrifices, the pain of the Church will grow, and many of her children will flee and apostasies will come in and lead many astray.  The Church will not fail, but many will fail in her.  I tell you, the Church has become a place of comfort and convenience when it should be a place of penance and sacrifice.  How sad you have become?  It should be a place of penance and sacrifice where pain and sorrow is felt in every heart for the great abominations that are taking place within the world today.  Fasting on days appointed is not an option; it is mandatory, but many refuse to do this which weakens the Church greatly.
        (from) For the Love of the Sinner by John F. Bernardone